Pre-Production & Production

We will help you prepare you and your ensemble musicians to record their videos with the available equipment. We can provide a piano repetiteur and a conductor to create a guide track for your ensemble (with an additional cost) or we can help prepare your conductor and piano repetiteur to record own guide track for your musicians. We will manage a submission process, receive all of the videos and log them for the video editor and music editor/mixer work with during the production phase.


We will produce your video, with multiple windows and using the material you need, such as logos and colors. If you have a script of who you need more focus on or how you want the video to look like, you will have full freedom to direct the work. Our Production team will edit the audio, mix it, edit the video and make sure the audio is properly synched to it.


We will give you support properly publishing your video in whichever platform you wish to use (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc). We can provide you a marketing expert consultant (with an additional cost) to get your video seen and properly place ads in your platform of choice.

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